Azhikode Service Co-Operative Bank Ltd is an experienced and growing organization in the financial sector in Azhikode.

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Why We Are Different

  • Trusted relationships with leading banks in the region
  • Many years of experience in banking
  • Unbiased advice and cost effective options
  • True value to your search with a one-to-one approach
  • Straightforward, tailored and transparent packages

EMI Specialty

  • Residential
  • Equity Release
  • Commercial
  • Buy Out
  • Non-Resident
  • Over Draft Services
  • Bank Facilities
  • Corporate borrowings

Best Lone Offers

  • Lowest rates
  • Lowest Down Payments
  • Lowest Processing Fees
  • Lowest Early Settlement Fee
  • Fast Turnaround

Why Choose Our Bank?

27/08/1966 Registered 21/09/1966 Started.The bank is functioning in Azhikode Village in Kodungalloor Taluk.Since 01/04 2015 Bank has been operating as Class I.As of 31/03/2018, there were 13261 members exist.The first president of the bank, Ayyaril Karikulath Kochumoydeen.The bank's head office is located at Azhikode Menon Bazar.Runs a neethi medical store in Azhikode Menon Bazaar under the bank.There is also a branch in Azheekode Munakkal area.Doctors service are now available in the bank's old building.

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