Businesslone loan

As a business owner, you may have faced sudden requirement of funds. This could be to expand business operations, fulfil inventory requirements or for any other reason that would enable you to grow your business. A business loan taken on Azhikode Service Cooperative Bank Ltd.

At Azhikode Service Cooperative Bank Ltd, borrowers deal directly with registered lenders thereby removing intermediary costs and margins of banks and financial institutions ensuring you get the best interest rates. Based on the financial documents submitted by you, the automated underwriting engine at Faircent determines the maximum loan amount, rate of interest and the loan tenure at which you can avail your business loan.

Interest rate is 13.25%

Loans up to Rs. 50,000 / - are given as surety for members' occupational and business purposes

The applicant and the bail holder should not be involved in the same ration card

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