Group loan (Only For Women)

We all have aspirations and dreams to accomplish and many a time it so happens that we end up compromising. Further, one of the biggest hurdles faced by women is raising funds for a business idea. The business idea could be as simple as ‘opening a small shop’ or getting involved in several other small activities.

In an unfortunate scenario, many firms refuse to give loans to women owing to their low income. Understanding these needs of women, We offers Group Loan which empowers rural women, who can form a group and avail the financial aid without worrying about their income. Our Group Loan is a special offering for women that gives them an opportunity to pursue their dreams and become financially independent.

Interest rate is 10%

Number of members required in the group - 5

Only one person from a ration card.

Should be from the same ward.

Proper weekly closing mandatory

Small savings with Loan In.

Wrecking investment is also being made

Initially, a group can get loans up to Rs 2 lakh

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